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I See You

I see you and you look different than me

Your skin is a distinct tone

Your hair, eyes, nose, ears and lips do not match mine

Your height, weight, build and shape are unique

You’re able to speak another language

You don’t do things the way I do them

Others have told me stories about you, even though they haven’t spent time with you

People in the media brand you a certain way, even though they don’t know you

I see you and I want to get to know you for who you are

External features doesn’t sway me

Other people’s stories and the media doesn’t influence me

I see you and you see me, so let’s talk to get to know one another

© 2021 Daniel K. Lee

The Meaning of Life

I give thanks to you God, for you are great, awesome, and almighty.

Thank you for sending us Jesus, and Jesus for your sacrifice on the cross.

Jesus, you did this to give us life, an abundant life.

Jesus, thank you for empowering us with the Holy Spirit.

I praise you Jesus, for if I do not, the rocks will cry out.

I worship you, for you deserve all glory and honor.

You are my Lord and Savior.

I offer you my best and know that you’re pleased.

This is my calling, my purpose, to love you Jesus more and more every day

And to share your love to my neighbors.

For life itself, is for you, life is for you Jesus.

© 2021 Daniel K. Lee

You Think

When you’re young, you think you can conquer the world and do anything.

When you’re in college, you think you can learn how to do things.

When you’re working, you think more money will bring more happiness.

When a pandemic hits, you don’t know what to think.

Disorientation is not something we seek, but it’s an opportunity for reorientation. Shift from thinking “I’ve got this” to “God I trust you, for you are in control”.

This is where reorientation from self-reliance to trusting in God occurs. Look not at the mirror, but look up to God for your answers.

© 2021 Daniel K. Lee


As a child, you have full faith in your mom or dad. You believe they’re superheroes.

As a teen, you question your mom or dad’s advice. Is what they’re telling me in my best interests? Here you’re trying to formulate your own identity outside of your parent’s guidance.

As an adult, you establish your identity through your job title of profession. This is who I am. You seek people’s approval by becoming successful in wordly standards.

When you become a senior citizen, you reflect on society. You want to be remembered for something special as your legacy.

Your true identity is defined by God alone. God has created you, so He knows you the best. He knows your full potential. Every stage of your life, trust in God to discern your true identity.

© 2021 Daniel K. Lee